Bye guys!

i will be offline for a bit, it was discovered i had a lung carcinoid and
my choices were to 1. ignore it, 2. remove it and some lung… my vote was
1, ignore is always good for me, but no one around my house has a sense of
adventure, and the wait and see attitude didn’t fly here, or with the

so, tuesday june 9th i will be operated on, have not a clue how long i
will be in hospital, but i will go to mom’s after hospital, and along with
homemade crepes for breakfast, she has a puter and has aol!!!

So, if you have a stray good thought on tuesday, could you send them
towards walnut creek Kaiser??? Oh, and the July issue of Lapidary
Journal will be having my workshop on creating a mounting for a cab/facet
stone, with fine silver wire crochet…two styles are shown, a snug
hugging frame, for a plain stone with a lacy look, and a frame that is
very plain for a fancy stone. geez, i better be back online by then! pat

pat moses-caudel (info
source on wire crochet)
(with connecting pages to pets, of which we lost one, and added a newbie)

Wish you all the best and a quick recovery. Hope to ear from you again

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, especially on June 9th. Looking
forward to the July issue of LJ, as your workshops are all wonderful and
inspiring. Hope to hear from you soon. Wishing you nothing but the

Rhode Island.

Monday- June 8,1998
Hello Pat,
Sorry you will be off line for a while. I bet you will be back before you
know it. I will be thinking positive thoughts for you during your surgery
and recovery. Just tell your self you can do this and focus your healing
energies and you be able to deal with anything that comes your way, good
or bad. Good Luck -Joan T in cool and clear Ft. Worth, TX