[By Request] Orchid FTP Server - instructions again


Could we get the FTP posting instructions again?
thanks Virginia Lyons

Here it is again:

You would require an FTP agent, If you don’t have one you can download one
from Ganoksin.com at:


After installing the FTP agent on your computer you should set the program
so you can transfer files across the internet.

How to set the FTP program to access the Orchid FTP:

*    Login Type: anonymous
*	Port: 21
*	Host address: ftp.ganoksin.com
*	Remote Initial Directory: /incoming/ganoksin/

There are some screen shots to help you set the program available at:


every 2 hrs the uploaded files will be automatically copied to
http://www.ganoksin.com/ftp so they can be easily retrieved by pointing your
web browser to:

http://ganoksin.com/ftp/ File_name_uploaded

It will help if every file that you upload would be accompany by
a text file describing its content and will have a meaningful
name, or a messgae to the group describing the file.

I hope you find the new feature to be a useful addition to our

PS If you have difficulties uploading I would be more than happy
to assist.

Best Regards

The Ganoksin Project