Buying rough cutting material at Denver show

hello all,

if you will be at any of the following gem shows this year, with
larger gem rough, I am seeking:

  • gem grade agates
  • jade
  • aquamarine /topaz /beryls

this years projects call for carving plates and bowls, next year
will start a musical instrument, so I seek larger rough for carving,
few cracks, opaque material is good, darker colors preferred.

So, if you will be at:

  • Buena vista, colorado, week of aug 10
  • denver gem show, week of sept 17
  • of curse. tuscon/quartzite jan 20-feb 10

please contact me

also, if you are unable to attend, and have good material, email
works well also. we just traded some equipment to a guy in
guatemala, i do not know how they talked it through airplane
security, but he showed up at the studio with a 20 kilo boulder of
guatemala jadeite. but that is another story

warm regards

Mark Zirinsky, Denver

Hello Mark,

If African Pietersite is an option, we have rough in Lakewood, CO. I
am currently overseas, but will return by September. This is the
first year in 10, we are not displaying at the Denver show in Sept,
although I will attend. The Best Western had very poor attendance the
past 3 years.

Ed Cleveland


thank you for thinking of me.

At the moment I am carving agate and jade, I have not really thought
of pietersite as a carving material. Working on a series of bowls,
with a thin shell, 3mm if I can get away with it.

what other materials do you have?

warm reards

Mark Zirinsky, Denver