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Buying range of gemstones

Hi everyone,

I’ve been asked to do a little research on buying 800 to 1000
stones. Here’s the story:

There is an advertising company wanting to give these stones as
prizes. There should be 5 categories/5 stones, actually. The big
prize being a diamond and the rest probably emeralds, saphires,
yellow topazes and red tourmalines, in this order.

They would have to be stones that the people on the street have
heard of and I think the color play is also good, there being white,
green, blue, yellow and red.

I don’t know the number of lesser prizes (I assume there is only one
1st prize :)), well they would be in their hundreds, but I don’t know
the proportion or the carats they have in mind.

What I wnated to know was: where can they get these stones, all in
one place would be great.

They are willing to fly an expert to asses them and they would have
to have warranty, of course. I would prefer that they were untreated
but this is not my say. I’ll know more details in a few days and will
be able to answer if necessary.

Thanks for the help,

Forget about the treatment issue. All of the stones you mention are
routinely treated. Emerald is almost never found untreated, topaz and
red tourmaline are all routinely treated and sapphire is routinely
heat treated. To get stones that are certed as untreated would mean
they would both have to be sizable and fairly high value. It seems to
me that they aren’t going to want to get into that kind of money for
giveaway stones. There are numerous wholesale sources for this type
of quantity of gems.

Daniel R. Spirer, G.G.
Daniel R. Spirer Jewelers, LLC
1780 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02140

I see,

Thanks for the info, there is at least one issue less. I forgot to
mention I was in Europe and as I’ve never had to deal with a
wholesale gem dealer, do you happen to know a reputable one? Of
course I’ll google the problem some more, but any name that would
come up would mean the same to me…

Thanks for your time so far anyway :slight_smile:

Dana - try Crescent Gems ( He carries a wide range
of items, good prices even with smaller quantities, and consistent
quality. Another I would recommend is Pioneer Gems (

Beth in SC

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Anil Gupta