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Buying presto-lite torch tip


Sue; Don’t buy a new tip just clean the old one. With a screwdriver
unscrew the brass fitting at the base of the torch carefully remove
it as a small orifice will be on the end which can easily fall out.
This is what gets clogged. I thing they sell a wire tool at any
welding supply store or just try to run a very small wire through it
to reopen it. Make sure you watch how it came out of the hole so you
put it back the same way. It should work like new.

Dave Owen


Another way to clean your torch tip is in an ultrasonic. Use a
dilute solution, 3 to 1 of Simple Green and water. Simple Green also
works well as a solution for buzzing off wax compounds.

karen christians


Hi Dave,

Thanks for the tip ‘tips’. I think It may be to late though.

When I took the tip off the torch I think that little orifice thing
you were talking about was still on the handle end of it when I took
the tip off. I remember seeing something round with a little hole in
it. I just thought it belonged there and didn’t give it any thought.

I do remember hearing something drop on the floor and I didn’t see
anything at the time. Now that I read your post on the list I went
and took the tip off again and that little round thing was gone.

I suppose I will be on my hands and knees hoping to find it in the

So tell me now. What happens if I can’t find it?? is there a place
to get a replacement?

Thank you very much. Sue