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Buying new files sets

To All:

Would like any input on hand files-positive or negative. I have been
using a mismatched set of files that I’ve collected here and there
and I can’t stand it anymore. I am going to buy a couple of sets in a
couple of cuts. (I have a complete needle file set #6 cut.) Decent
files seem to be priced relatively the same so does anyone have any
suggestions. Did anyone buy files they thought they would use but

Thanks for your help before my purchase - Joy Kruse

Hello Joy,

regarding the files you’re looking into. I bought my files from a
local hardware store in my country (Belgium). I know that you can by
files from Friedrich Dick, Nicholson, Grobet and other welknowen
brands The ones that I have are good industrial files, nothing
special and about 8" (200 mm) cut 2. I buy only one cut and the
reason for that is that they will get dull in time by using them
ending up in cut 0. In this respect, I do not buy cut 0 files. Make
sure about the cuts because they may alter from country to country.
The handles I use are made out of wood and nothing special to it.

I had a look on several files with a loop and inspected the cut of
the files. I’ve notices that they are not thatmuch different at all
as far as I can see! The ones that I have are about 7 years old and
still do the job. I’m aware that the skills of the user are a major
factor of howlong they can hold up. The way of how you handle them is
a second factor of howlong they stay sharp and not get rusty.

I use them every day for working on silver and gold. Next to these
files I have Valitan files for platinum work and only platinum !
They are a complete different story. Extremely sharp and hard and
they are just wonderful to work with. Every strike is a clean cut
but… they are more expensive.

The needle files I use are all of cut 0. I don’t need to take of
thatmuch material and they’re used for final and detail cutting
anyway. I know that some people like to use diamond files but I
don’t have a use for them. I purchased a set of them, used them a few
times and stick with the regular steal files I preffer to use.

What I do recommend is that you make a holder to store your files on
the end of the day. Lots of craftsmen just kind of “dump” them in a
drawer which are a reason for premature wear. I made a holder out of
(in matter of fact my wife did) a towel devided into several slots
holding the files in place. I clean them ones a week by a short hit
on my wooden workbench. Small pieces in the groves are pushed out by
a copper needle I made myself. No steal brush needed in my shop.

Have fun and enjoy

A few people found my blog post

about files to be useful. Not touting it, it’s just the very reason I
wrote it. What files you as an individual need is for you to decide,
I’m afraid… I never had a file I couldn’t find a use for, though
#6’s are awfully fine for everyday.