Buying Materials


As I had written a few weeks (months) ago, I have begun metal
smithing training. This has been my dream for a long time and I am
amazed every day at the number of things I do not know…yet.

I tried, this week, for example, to buy my first ounce of gold.
Luckily, for me, there was a 40 dollar price dip in the last couple
of days. I was surprised, however, to find out how difficult it is to
buy precious metals. I’m not complaining at all and I do not mind one
bit jumping through some hoops to get where I want to go. We all have
to pay our dues.

There was recent talk about how difficult it is to establish a
buying relationship with suppliers like Hoover and Strong (just an
example). I guess the best teacher is experience after all because
now I understand what you guys were getting at. However, my
impression now is that it may have to do more with recent government
regulation (the Patriot Act) than with only wanting to sell to “brick
and mortar” institutions. The buyers (designer, goldsmith, retailer
etc etc) is not the only one who has to jump through hoops. It is a
trickle down kind of thing.

I was able to buy my gold (I think) and for that I am very happy,
but I apologize to those who do have store fronts if I have said
anything in the past that was a bit insensitive and I think I was a
bit insensitive. For those who are still angry about having
difficulty buying, suck it up and jump through the hoops.

Best Regards
Kim Starbard