Buying equipment

I am interested in buying one or more pieces of equipment … I am
just getting back into silver jewelry after about ten years’ break. I
know of a few catalogues (Rio Grande, Gesswein, etc.) that sell
polishing machines. Is it better to take a trip to the jewelry
district in NYC and look around or first study the catalogues? Does
anyone have any suggestions as to what to look for or a particular
manufacturer to consider or avoid? Any ideas on rolling mills?

Thank you,

Laurie, Sit with your catalogs, Rio, Gesswein, whatever, and mark
what tools you are interested in examining further. It can be so
daunting to walk into a store like Metalliferous or Allcraft or 46th
St. Jewelry Tools and be overwhelmed by the variety of everything.
I don’t know about you, but when I see a showroom with great tools,
I have to bring my personal drool bucket.

If you have the opportunity to look at the actual polishing machines
and ask questions regarding the motor, reliability, etc. then I
think this is a good idea.

For rolling mills, I love my Durston. I have two now, one 120mm
combination and a lovely 150mm flat for the school. I bought my
first one from Rio in 1993 on a trip out to New Mexico. It has gone
through the wear and tear of my studio plus new jewelry students who
can reek havoc on tools. It still works great. The gearing is
solid and very accurate.

The new one is incredible. If I had to do it again, I think I would
have gotten a 120mm flat. I find that I don’t use the wire areas

Good for you to ask here at Orchid. I wish I had this when I first
started out.

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