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Buying Equipment in Australia

Hi R. R. Jackson,

Yep. The prices in Australia are unfortunately VERY high. The
reason for this is that when our dollar was low, the price
difference was about right, now that our dollar has risen (A LOT)
the shops haven’t caught up and are still charging the same prices -

The problem is compounded by shipping being expensive. It is
cheaper to ship equipment, but the way that shipping of heavy items
works is that they tend to operate in bounds - once you go past a
certain weight, the price jumps up. Often, this kind of shipping
will mean that you don’t save much after-all.

Doing a large order would split shipping costs, but then once you
get above a certain value (I think it is $1000) you need to pay GST
on anything coming in. It gets complicated.

I suggest that you look into it, do all the maths, enquire about
import taxes (and other charges associated with that) THEN decide if
the saving is worth waiting another 6 weeks to get it (and all the
hassle). Sometimes it is. Sometimes it isn’t.

I don’t really have any more money to throw around on equipment, so
I can’t go in with you, but it is worth looking into - maybe go to
your local jewellery training institution (TAFE?) and see if there
are people there who are willing to go in.

My other bit of advice is that if you talk to House of Jewellery (no
affiliation) they are usually pretty good and do have a good range
of equipment from good quality to poor quality.

Living in Tasmania, I am used to shipping costs anyway!



A reseller of equipment or material must mark up all expenses
including freight or they will lose profit margin. Once you decide
your profit margin, the amount you need to run your business, you
mark up all costs by that amount. If you don’t, the profit margin
drops. Eventually you go out of business.

I am a big proponent of buying locally unless whatever you need is
not available locally. If you assume that local suppliers are out to
cheat you by over charging for their material, they can assume the
same thing of you when you add profit for something as nebulous as
"one of a kind, and made by an artist" to your work. People at Rio
and in Germany are not likely to buy your work. My point is, buy
from the people that are likely to buy from you and don’t assume that
because they are a supplier that they don’t want the same standard of
iving that you do. Give them their profit and and they will give you

I am not actively selling jewelry, but I do work in retail and the
principles are all the same.

Dale Hanson