Buying diamonds online - Beware

Buying diamonds online must be the biggest leap of faith I could
ever imagine. The ability to see the batch first and then work
with the dealer on a better quality (which is just in the next
drawer) as opposed to ordering, then receiving the pkg, then
returning the goods if not up to your standard, then re-ordering.

I have to put in an agreement and warning. I just got badly burned by
a website.

I even checked with a stone dealer as to the honesty of this person.
I did not get the stone pictured and described on the website, even
tough you think you are buying a specific stone. I returned and
received a refund SHORT $200.00. Supposedly for costs incurred. I
also learned that if the payment goes through Paypal you have 45 days
to file a complaint. He communicated with me up to the 45th day and
then nothing. I was not aware of the time limit. I used my American
Express card thinking I was protected but with Paypal their hands are
tied. So I got a $200 lesson.

Sue Ann Dorman
P.O. Box 110201
Marina Del Rey, CA 90295