Buying chain by the inch


Can anyone recommend a good source for buying chain by the inch
(somewhere that doesn’t have a high minimum for single line items)? I
have a commission for a necklace that involves a continuous loop
chain (43" laser welded) in 14k or 18k gold. She wants to wear it
looped around her head twice. Her idea is that it will represent her
marriage to her dying husband and have two bezel set stones on it
like charms representing each of them that can each hang on one of
the loops, one visible by her neck the other one being worn over her
heart. I tried to talk her out of the looped chain idea so it doesn’t
get broken from being tugged on, etc. but she’s very set on it. She
also wants it to be a box chain, which leads me to my second
question… is a box chain going to loop around her neck twice
successfully – I mean is the square shape not conducive to that?
This is a bit unlike the work I’ve been doing, so any recommendations


Bethany Ericson
Cambridge, MA