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Buying an ionic cleaner


Thanks to postings here, I’m about to buy an ionic cleaner. Before I
go ahead with it, I’d like to ask some questions of those who use

These cleaners really do remove tarnish from sterling silver?
Because that’s really mostly what I want it for, to clean my unsold
tarnished pieces, or consignment returns from stores. This stuff
always piles up, because I hate cleaning it. I’m not cleaning
customers’ dirty jewelry, so no caked-on gunk, just lots of tarnish.
How is it on residues of polishing compound, like rouge or Zam?
Although that would be a secondary use. I have no immediate plans
to buy an ultrasonic(have an old discard from lab work sitting in
the basement, waiting for me to look into repairing it…).

I’ve tried the trick with aluminum foil and washing soda, but it
left the polished pieces looking still a little dull, and I still
had to hand-polish afterward. Tarnex, too, always seems to leave the
pieces a little dull; and all the rinsing necessary is tedious.

Suzanne mentioned the turbo unit: if it really does work better,
I’ll probably go for that one.

I’ve looked on the web, and the only manufacturer I find is
Speedbrite. Is this correct? They are the only makers of ionic

Thanks for the help…
Lin Lahlum