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Buying/Adjusting Smith Little Torch for Norway?

I purchased Smith Little Torch from Rio some years ago, and have been tremendously pleased with it. I have used it with propane and oxygen, disposable containers. Though you burn out of oxygen pretty fast, my silver (Argentium) soldering has been mostly a pleasure to do and the result has really not been bad.
After 7 years in Texas, I have moved back home to Norway. I soon realized that the selection of jewel crafting equipment to purchase here compared to in the US is like comparing North Korea and the US. Don’t even get me started on the prices here!

And I have absolutely no one to ask, partly because of Covid but mostly because I don’t know where to even start my research. The fittings on European and US tools seldom/never overlap, so I wonder where I eventually can purchase a Smith Little Torch or a similarly easy, flexible torch (that doesn’t look like or feels like I am going to wield a tankship with it) that I can use here in Norway: This is a tool I need to trust, mistakes are fast very expensive or very dangerous. Thank you in advance!

/Hanne S.

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Hi Hanne,

hmmm…Norway is somewhat near Germany, UK,

…many jewelry tools are Swiss or German made…

is it difficult to order tools from the UK, or nearby countries?

i don’t use facebook myself, but perhaps there are facebook groups you can connect with…or instagram groups…or metalsmithing societies or groups in norway…that can help point you to local resources

perhaps try to find the jeweley/ metalsmithing “communities” in norway…that teach online classes…to connect with…

just a few thoughts



another UK supplier would be:


hi hanne,
this site looks interesting…maybe you can reach out to some if the jewelers…network…to get resource recommendations



There are a couple of metalsmiths I follow on Instagram that you could message with your inquiry. Neither one is in Norway, but they are “close” to where you are in Norway. @millathegoldsmith is in Gothenburg, Sweden, and the other is @martindenoch in Råneá, Sweden. They must get their tools and supplies from somewhere that will work in your part of the world. All the best finding what you need.

HI Hanne, Welcome back to this side of the pond, I’m from the US, but relocated to Croatia a couple years ago. I asked about this a while back on this thread… Current EU Suppliers?

Yes, it’s shocking how much easier and cheaper it is to outfit a studio in the US. I’m building my new one now and considering shipping a container from there US rather than buying al new here as it will probably pay for itself.

The fittings for things are all different of course. The sources at the link should have most of what you need if you don’t mind paying the EU prices. Smith is a very american company though and I sold my little torch when I moved, didn’t like it much either. You can adapt the fittings, but you’ll always have something people locally don’t understand and can’t offer parts or support for. THere are some smaller swiss or german style torches that look closer to a meco in size which is more to my liking also.

That said, my wife will probably adapt her US glass torches to EU fittings because there are so few options here.

Best of luck and drop my a line if you need anything.


I just noticed

The littletorch is indeed available here from Germany, but the price is more than double US prices. They can probably help you with any conversation and parts necessary. Bringing bits in your luggage is the way to go with 22+% VAT and customs charges.

I recently bought a torch from Karl Fisher (goldashmiedebedarf) it is similar to the “swiss” torch on usa sites. It has about a dozen tips. Copper ones, ones like injection needles for ultra fine work and three larger tips for anneling and melting. It is supported by Fisher for spares and repairs. Its a very good abd versatile torch. I use a mixed fuel gas and have oxy con for O2. I also have a little torch which is also good but not as versatile.
Contact me if I can help.
Robin Key in bonny Scotland

-Thank you so much for all your thorough input! I will start to follow up all your links and all the good thoughts. This was a very impressive amount of good tips. I will surely follow up and come back with my conclusion.

Many deeply grateful thanks from Norway.

Hi Hanne.
I’m not sure of the fittings and such, but KA Rasmussen sell the Little torch and most of what you need for gold/silver smithing.
Not sure about the prizes but you could ask.

Where are you located, if I may ask?
Best regards Per-Ove

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Thank you so much Per-Ove!

I finally found out about Rasmussen when I made a last desperate search in Norwegian instead of in English. So I have mailed them, got a reply, sent them pictures and specifications and are now waiting for a response about new parts so I maybe can use my existing Little Torch. Though I believe that new regulators and reverse flow valves (and new gas containers) will be a big expense anyway.

I also contacted CooksonGold UK, but I haven’t got any response. Way off in Norway I guess. I so sorely miss Rio Grande Jewellery making supplies. Hope you guys and gals in the US know how lucky you are! Service, response time, even pricing!

I am located in Olso btw.

Excellent, I hope things pan out for you.
Pricing, shipping and availibility are a constant headache here.
What is your main focus?

Silver, gold or all?

I live in Bergen, by the way.
But resides in Mindanao until August.

I have a Master in interior and furniture design from SHKS in Oslo, Norway, and have been working as an interior architect and later with property development for years. Suddenly being an ex-pat spouse in Houston gave me the opportunities to do something very exciting and new. The accessibility, all the free time and the pricing in the US made it possible to start with something I always had been fascinated with, namely jeweller design.

I started reading up with Revere, Cogswell, McGrath, Young, McCreight, and Untracht and Brepohl. (The last two are pretty heavy and technical). Then I scoured Youtube and found out that there were loads of “wannabe jewel crafters” out there and a lot of show-offs. Andrew Berry is one of the YouTubers who really is educated as a silversmith and I think you can trust if you need to learn things from scratch like me.

I started out working with copper, which is pretty close to silver in malleability and moved on to silver. Read up on Argentium and have never looked back. My main focus is not to make very artsy demanding pieces, but nice, neat things with a focus on texture, colours (in stones and oxidations) and wearability. I find a lot of good tips and advice here on Ganoksin too.

As I also live in Europe I did the following:

  • bought a little torch from UK (UK fittings)
  • for oxygen I have a second hand oxycon from Tuffnell Glass (very helpful people)
  • I bought from Rio a pair of US hoses (which I assume you already have)
  • replaced the fuel hose on my initially UK torch with the US hose
  • I use it with any 400ml(14 oz) US thread gas cylinder (like Bernzomatic, there is also Sievert and Rothenberger)

Another idea since you already have the US thread torch, you can buy an oxycon and have it fitted with a US connector and that’s it. And for the fuel, you can use any US thread cylinder as I mentioned above.

Good, so you focus solely Silver/Argentium as metal and then stones, texture and oxidation for decoration. Big pieces, small or both?

New studio in Oslo then?
Best of wishes :slight_smile:

I’m scratching my head a bit. Are the hoses in UK inferior to the US ones?

Regards Per-Ove Arntsen

No no, Per-Ove. They have different threads, that’s all. It was easier to replace the hose on the torch side than the connector at the other end. This way I can use the oxygen hose with the UK connector which the oxycon came with and the fuel hose with the US thread cylinders (with the Smiths regulator) :blush:

Aahh :smiley:

That makes sense.
Information is the key to avoid misunderstandings.
Have pleasant weekend.
Per Ove

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