Buying a home with a shop


I see no reason why you could not get a loan using only your
disability income.

By law a bank has to accept an award letter as equivalent proof of
income, along with a statement from a physician (IRS Schedule R) as
verification that the disability is permanent.

It was by this means that I was able to obtain a 30 year loan for my
home, at only 4 to 5 percent. Even with homeowners insurance and
mortgage insurance, I only pay half the cost of renting, which would
be far more expensive for a disabled person than owning.

On a different note, I would be interested in purchasing your
rolling mill. As much as I had my sights set on a contenti, I would
be far more interested in a heavy mill if yours is a Durston or other
well known brand.

Please contact me off line if you wish to arrange a sale of the
rolling mill.

Andrew Jonathan Fine