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Buyer's Market wholesale shows


Hi all, I was wondering if anyone on orchid did the Wendy Rosen shows
(either one) this year. I’ve been toying with applying for next year
( I say this every year). Are the buyers buying outright, or making
wholesale orders, or are they squemish and want to try the work on
consignment? I have gold and silver pieces with colored stones that
retail on the average under $450.

Wendy Newman
Moab, UT


I do the February show every year but I don’t do the summer show. I
don’t sell outright, just write orders for the year. I’ve never had
anyone ask for consignment but they shouldn’t since they are at a
wholesale show. I’ll be glad to answer any questions you have on
either BMAC or ACC Baltimore (which I stopped doing this year). I
have a line of 14k wire earrings (retail 68-195) and a line of
sterling and 22k gold jewelry (retail 85-500).

Bonnie Blandford