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Business Plan for Jewelry Store

First do the right brain stuff using my Perfect Plan(copyright):
Answer the following questions in detail 1. what? 2. when? 3. where?
4. who? 5. why? 6. How? Be as imaginative and complete in answering
all the questions. For example, “who” might be you, your target
market, your family, your friends, your employees, your ex-boss, etc.
Really take the time to think out each of the questions. The "how"
will take longest. The “why” is also important because it’s your
mission statement and you’ll want to be able to live with it for a
while. When you’ve finished this part, take yourself to a SCORE
office or a college that does business advising. They can take your
Perfect Plan answers and just plug them into a standard business
plan format, either with their brains or with a computer program. I
don’t even do that, I just use the above format, and then do several
tiers from basic-gotta-have-this Perfect Plan to
galaxy-version-create-my-own-kingdom Perfect Plan at the top end.
(Business folks get such boring plans that they really notice this
format and really love it!) Usually I end up getting at least Tier 3
out of 4 options. You get what you ask for, be specific! This is
the fun part! And fortune favors the bold. Good luck,

Dani Greer
Greer Studios