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Business Plan for a jewelry store

I am in the process of applying for a loan and in desperate need of
help with composing a business plan for a jewelry store that
provides watch and jewelry repair services. Please let me know if
you have any advice or possibly downloadable business plan.

E. Spurlock Watch & Jewelry

A last minute scramble to pull together a business plan sounds like
a big mistake. They are not a product that is bought off the rack,
but arrived at after careful and informed consideration of this
business. It presents relevant to YOUR business and how
YOU propose to operate it, and the conditions under which YOUR
business will operate and grow.

One good source of on good business planning is the
Small Business Administration, located in all big cities of the U.S.
They offer many great services, If you connect with the SBA it can
help you in obtaining financing.

Last I knew, they had an ‘incubator’ business program, in addition
to other things…that mentors and advises on difficult issues you may
encounter after the business opens. Cost is nominal, and benefit is
enormous! Good luck! Frif…

While not specific to jewelry stores, there is a good template and
tutorial on preparing a business plan available at the Small Business
Administration website at

Suzanne Wade
Phone: (508) 339-7366
Fax: (928) 563-8255

Dear Diamond Lee -

I would encourage you to get in touch with one of the SCORE (Service
Corps of Retired Executives) folks and run your idea by them.

Once, in my never-ending search to figure out a way to move to and
make a living in Taos, NM, I was looking at a hotel property there.
Being an ex- CPA, I got together all of the info necessary for a
projection of how the business would do over 5 years, and showed it
to one of these retired execs who had hotel experience. He was able
to provide some insights that were not obvious to someone like me
without experience in the field. I’m still looking for that right
match, and i think he saved me from becoming a slave to a bad idea.

Here’s their website:

Ivy in Oakland

I have a book called Starting on a shoestring by Arnold Goldstein.
It has lots of info and mentions the National Business Association in
partenership with the small business association, has developed
software programs to help you determine whether you qualify for an
SBA guaranteed loan. The program helps you understand what a lender
looks for in an application. The program requests about
five critical areas then evaluates and scores the responses. You
can obtain the program free. thru the NBA The SBA has an address on
the web. The National Business Association is 1-800-456-0440.
Someone mentioned SCORE and they operate under the SBA.

Good Luck. mary