Business model thoughts

It is one of those things in the industry that is pretty much taken
in stride, you get to a certain level and you begin to make more
money when you get people who are better then you at certain things
to do them for you.

Usually the ‘it takes money to make money’ syndrome rears it’s ugly
head right around here. We are all familiar on ways around affording
outside help for custom pieces(setters, casters, engravers all those
lovely specialists we adore but don’t give enough credit to), get a
deposit usually. But what about wholesale sales reps for production

I’ve been having fantasies about getting someone else to do my sales
for me, 'cuase lets face it, I suck at it; I don’t have a drivers
licence and every inch of my being would preffer to be at the bench.
I’m happy to do shows, but what about inbetween them?

How hard is it to find a sales rep to work for just %? Does it
actually work or does your stock just disappear as road samples for
indeterminant amounts of time?

Any thoughts on the subject at all?

Norah Kerr