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Business after the 11th

All I can say is my business was down before the 11th! I did two
shows that I didn’t even do half of what I normally do. I had one
artist tell me that she had talked to artists at shows across the
country all year and almost everyone was doing 1/3 to 1/2 of what
they normally do. So things were really on a downhill slide even
before this tragedy. I mean people just aren’t buying. I’ve looked
around at shows and you don’t even see anyone carrying anything. The
last art fair I did was on Sept. 23rd. The Edward’s Place Fine Craft
Fair in Springfield, IL. You won’t believe this but we had to
evacuate the whole art fair for almost three hours because of a bomb
threat! They made us leave our tents, I mean leave everything. I
covered my jewelry with towels and locked my cases but talk about
running off business, it was a nightmare. But praise God it could
have been worse, there could have actually been a bomb! And I did
win 2nd place I might add! :slight_smile: But folks, I think life as we know it
is over. Sad but true. ~Poppy~