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Business advice

Hi all,

after living in the boonies for over three years, and becoming the
queen of living off a couple hundred bucks a month, a minor miracle
has happened.

I got a call from an LA fashion accesory deginer for the rich and
famous and I’m doing her jewelry production now. these are all very
simple pieces, individually made by hand and I’m getting paid well
enough for them. I also now have a couple of dedicated apprentices
working with me in the shop.

so, I’m happy! :slight_smile:

what I’m not sure about is, what else to do. I don’t think we could
handle another big customer like that, but we do have some down time
in the shop, enough to make an extra couple of hundred pieces a
month. I could easily come up with a line of my own, but don’t really
want to compete with my customer, and I don’t have the resources or
the sales rep(s) to pull it off well, besides that, I live several
hundred miles away from the next major city. OTOH I’m not sure,
there’s really a demand for hand manufactured small scale production
done in the US, wouldn’t know how to find other customers for that

so, what do I do with my down time? (I have, for the moment given up
on one of a kind art pieces. everybody goggles and fondles and oohs
and ahhs, but that doesn’t fix my roof or build a fence around my

also, I have a ton of my original pieces, that I’m not sure what
to do about, other than to take them to whatever fairs I can get to
and have an excruciating sale… they’re great pieces in many ways.
I’m just trying to get the old stock out and make new stock that’s
easier to categorize, simpler to make, less materials and less
expensive retailing.

I don’t know, I’m rambling. I guess, my problem is…I’ve never
before done jewelry from a business perspective. yes, I’ve been
making and selling jewelry for years, but it was always about making
the things I really liked and perfecting technique (10 years of
classical music training seem to make one very technique oriented in
all aspects of life). now I have to change my perspective to running
a productionshop for somebody elses designs and keeping enough work
in the shop to make it worth it for my helpers as well. And while I
personally despise selling, it grates a bit on my ego, that the work
coming out of my shop is being sold under another name…

maybe I should just stick to doing this customers productionwork for
a few years, learn as much as I can about the fashion aspect of
business and enjoy downtime when it happens, instead of fretting
about it.


 I got a call from an LA fashion accesory deginer for the rich
and  famous and I'm doing her jewelry production now. 

Congratulations, Sparrow! What a great piece of news after hearing
so many people wonder it it’s all worth it. How did you land such
an account? Wish I had the nerve to quit my job, sell my house in
MA, and move up to my 7 acres in NH, where I can’t see or hear the
neighbors (unless they’re being obnoxious), garter snakes sun
themselves on the stone wall, mice raise families in the stove, I
can heat with wood, … wait a minute … “I think I’d better think
it out again!”

Tas <-- thinking


Get out there and get into the big time established Galleries, that
way your individuality is getting a viewing. It cant be that hard to
do?? I did it in Dublin, and it did wonders for me, it felt good to
be have my creations on display in the best venues. And it was great
to get the feedback, never mind the sales!! “Go for it” !! Other wise
why don’t you set yourself up a website, call it your own on line
Gallery, you decide the best lighting, display and you get all the
income, its nice to leave out the middle man for a change! I can
understand your dissatisfaction in working with someone else’s
designs, when you have your own creative flare, be bold, be brave,
and get out there and show your self to the world.

Wishing you great success!!
Dublin, Ireland