Burnout tricks for non injection wax items

Hi Folks, I’m compiling a guide for those casters who seem to use or
be sent lots of casting to do but with non-injection wax materials.
Would those of you with experience casting carving wax, plastic
patterns, Resin (like the Viper model output) and the odd wax/plastic
that the SolidScape model making machine does. Burnout info needed!

Any other odd materials would be helpful, like toy plastics, plants,
bugs, etc. Thanks to you all very much!

Daniel Ballard

Frommy experience with plastics most burn out with the same cycle as
carve wax. % hours for small flasks 8 hours for large and a max temp
of 1275-1300 degree F. The big problem with plastics is the filler
that is often added. It seems to be some kind of clay or other inert
matter that does not burn out well. The only solution is to try each
type and use the pieces that burn out clean. I have found that
protoplast from the aquaplast corp. burns very clean and makes great
castings. Frank Goss

Hello Daniel: Almost every item I cast is carved from green carving
wax. The only thing I do different is program an extra hour at 400 F
over a normal burnout cycle. I just recently started doing that after
attending a lecture at the AGS conclave given by Shannon Calloway the
casting instuctor at Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology. Shannon
might be a good source of data for you also. Her email is

Michael R. Mathews Sr. Victoria,Texas USA JACMBJ