Burnishing Compound

I asked this before but received only one reply and think that
there must be some more ideas out there for a formula for
Burnishing Compound. I do want to thank Niels for his input I am
going to try your suggestion. Thanks again Niels. I have been
doing the tumbling bit with burnishing compound for quite some
time and am running out of the compound . So if anyone does have
any suggestion please let me know. I just the the forum, it is
really great. Thanks. John A. Polo

    some more ideas out there for a formula for Burnishing

Hi John,

I have been using Ajax lemon scented liquid dishwashing soap as

a burnishing soap for about 15 years… I rinse the shot after
every use. and store my shot in water mixed with a 1/2 cup of oil
of murphy’s soap. the murphy’s and water is reuseable. Pour the
shot into a large strainer with a bucket underneath to catch the
murphy soap solution. Rinse the shot clean before using in the

Hope this helps.
Dan Grandi http://www.racecarjewelry.com ( visit “the workshop” on my

Dan - When you use the Ajax lemon scented liquid dish soap for
burnishing and oil of Murphys soap for storing your shot - is
that steel shot? Or stainless steel shot?? Or does it matter?
Sheridan Reed

Hi Sheridan, I use the ajax and the murphys on both types of shot
and have had my steel shot (100lbs) for over 15 years. I also
use the ajax with my magnetic tumbler… so far, my magnetic
stainless pins are nice and clean… Daniel Grandi