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Burning of polishing wheels waste

greetings to everyone.

I am a new member I need your help on something.

I have gathered a lot of remaining waste from the polishing machine such as polishing sweeps and wheel puffs and polishing paste that I would like to recycle and take out the gold that is accumulated in there.
Can you please help me with methods on how to burn it but without loss of the gold?
What is a manual way to do it myself?
I have researched but I haven’t found anything really valuable about it.

I look forward in your help.

Best regards!

Don’t burn it yourself. Just put it all into a heavy plastic bag and seal it. Then put the bag into a box and seal it. You should be able to send it to one of several refiners. Contact them first as they will have documentation requirements. I haven’t done this myself in a long time, but it worked the last time. The only practical suggestion is to not use and old liquor or wine box to ship it in. The post office will send it back. I had such a shipment that I intended to go to Hoover and Strong get rejected by the Richmond Post Office and sent back to me because they were sure that I was illegally shipping spirits of some sort to Torry Hoover…Rob

Even though you will ultimately decide to do it as Rob suggested; you can find all the answers if you use our search engine (at the top right side of your screen), and a search term such as “refine gold”.