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Burned diamonds

Thanks for all of your replies concerning my unfortunate learning
experience with the platinum ring. I DID get it too hot by leaning
it against the charcoal and pointing my flame down instead of up. I
tried the hot pickle, ultrasonic, and scratched at the surface of the
diamond to see if it was indeed a coating - all failed. They did test
diamond. I removed them and I will be resetting new ones and
refurbishing the channel. My customer was with me when it happened
and believe it or not I didn’t get upset and thankfully she didn’t
either. I promised her that it would be all right and that I would
take care of everything. I will be taking David’s advice on the
solders and other items for use with platinum. I only wish I could
sit next to him and watch for about a week! Again, thank you all!
Patty Rios