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Burn out impression material


I have used protoplast to make impressions. It is tricky. I have not
had a chance to burn it out yet.

However I would like to know if anyone knows of a burnout-able
impression material that is clay like in texture and use. I have
tried every wax I could find from sprue to actual sealing wax to make
impressions of glass and stone intaglios with poor results. Sculpy
and Fimo make great impressions, but can’t be burned out, so I’m

Jay Cardwell


Jay, I have burned out protoplast with great results. Use a standard
wax burnout of 8 hours. Try taking the impression you want with the
protoplast fresh from the hot water bath and still damp. This helps
to prevent sticking. Don’t know what problems you have been having I
always got great results with the stuff.

Good luck.


I use pink sheet wax to make impressions of leaves, separated with a
spray of the silicone meant for wax injecting. I have found that
there is a “just right” pressure which must be found by trial & error
and by feel in my screw press. Too much pressure damages the wax,
while too little does not capture all of the texture. As a backing
for the leaves, I have simply used the paper that comes in the box of
wax sheets, which has one shiny, plastic-coated side. I have also
used this technique on many dies that I have made in low relief with
the Model Master light box tool (see Rio Grande). It is a fast way to
make a drawing into a low-relief wax. You may call me, Jay, if you
would like to know more. Just send an email off-line.



Hi Jay,

I’ve never used them myself, but there are two products made to work
with metal clay, cork clay and wood clay. They are meant to be used
as an armature for the metal clay, and they both burn out in a kiln.
Hope you find what you need!

Vicki K., SoCal