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Bulk Gemstone ID

Does anyone do this kind of service in gemstone ID? I’m buying an
assorted pile of stones from someone, and I did get to look at them
and know what they look like, but I don’t have the equipment or
expertise to know for sure. I don’t need a full appraisal on these, I
just want to know what they are; they’re going to be used mostly for
practice, but on the off chance I should turn out something nice with
them I’d like to be able to tell a customer what it is. Does anyone
do this kind of thing in bulk? Please e-mail me offlist if you have
suggestions. Thanks. :slight_smile:

M. Osedo

Hi Osedo,

I use a Green color filter for red stones and Red Color filter for
green stones. Each Stone looks different under the filters, Once you
know what color is what all you have to do is just pick it up

The other method I use is Liquid dencity, Just all the stones and the
lighter ones float.

Ahmed shareek
Crescent Gems