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Building a successful jewelry repair business

Ron, Don’t laugh, I know someone who is building a successful jewelry
repair business by contracting with local jewelry store chain owners.
He has jewelers working under him to handle the volume of work he’s
getting. Anyways, he tried to get a contract with Walmart and they
put him on hold-- stating they are upgrading the quality of their
jewelry-- but it was not out of the question. It’s scarey isn’t it?

Selena, I am interested in your suggestion of a contract. My
experience has been that business is done on a gentlemen’s (or
gentlewoman’s) agreement, without an actual contract. I have had a
shop that’s done work for many years and am very friendly with other
shops in the same business, and none of us has a single contract to
our name. Does your friend have a written agreement of some sort that
guarantees a stream of work? Or is your friend just operating on a
handshake like the rest of us?

Mark, Please don’t misunderstand. My suggestion was simple–that
anything is possible – even Walmart getting into jewelry repair
(afterall they now sell gasoline, cut hair, make eye glasses) I do not
know any specific details of my friends business. Perhaps it is
Walmart that only works with contracts-- I don’t know. Selena

Oh Pedro - Now I am reluctant to respond to this wonderful site for
fears of being misunderstood. I truely enjoy the wealth of knowledge
everyone shares. Thank you.