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Buffs without reenforcing centers

These are intended for mounting on a shaft bwetween 2 plates.
You need to get the right buffs to suit your polishing motor arbour.
If tapered, then they will need reenforcing from new.
Especially over 4in in dia.

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interesting!..i was wondering…if glueing a metal washer on, would work…?


The biggest problem with gluing a washer in place would be one of balance. A 1/2 HP motor spinning at 3250 +/- rpms can be very problematic if out of balance. Polishing buffs need to be used a little bit to be in balance. I would guess a metal washer just 32nd of an inch off center would have your polisher hopping around the shop floor.

Don Meixner


Cyanoacrylate glues will likely do the trick. They will penetrate into the fabric and once set will be very hard.

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That makes no sense in a jewelry context. The usual lathe for a jeweler has tapered spindles. Rio doesn’t specify they need plates and none of their other buffs without reinforcing need plates. In fact when I talked to Rio, they never said anything about that and I was specific about the issue.