Buffing silver

Hi guys!

I’ve been making a lot of silver curb chains and I’ve noticed a slight problem. When I buff the metal with red rouge it looks shiny and great, but I have a hard time removing the excess rouge out of the nooks And crannys. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get rid of the excess? Is there a good solvent or perhaps a good tool?


Ammonia, Dawn, hot water and an old toothbrush. You might consider a less messy polish like luxi. There are others, but that comes to mind quickly.


That’s awesome thank you! Will that dull the silver again?

I use Goddards foaming silver cleaner and have done for years. It’s non abrasive and rinses off easily it also leaves an ionic coating which reduces tarnish. You can also get Goddards silver polishing cloths which are great for keeping tarnish at bay on your stock. It used to be made in the UK but manufacture has moved to USA I think it’s a Johnson product now. In the UK it’s used a lot by museums on their silver exhibits and is non toxic.


Great idea thank you so much!

A hot ultrasonic with BCR (BuffingcompoundRemover) and anything other than red rouge…


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