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Buffing lapel pins

We received some lapel pins to duplicate and the buff job on them is
ultra flat with no “overbuff” on the sides or rounding of detail in
anyway. The pieces are 3/4 round with a small amount of detail in
the center raised above a bead blasted & plated surface without a
outside border to contain a masking compound and bead blasted backs.
We have tried a soft felt wheel with red rouge. a leather wheel,
medium split lap. all those methods start well on the first 100pcs
but as the wheel starts to break in the buffing starts to get
inconsistent and clouding becomes an issue depending on the amount
of rouge on the wheel. The materials run the full gambit starting
with Brass, Sterling Silver, 1/20 Gold Fill, 10K, 14K, & 10K white.
Tumbling wont work because of the decorative plate(rhodium plate
backgrounds w/yellow polished center detail & vice versa) and
sanding wont work because of the 1/20 gold fill. Does anyone know
other methods we could use as we don’t want to use a standard muslin
ply wheel at all if we can avoid it.

Thanks in advance for the replies.