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Buff Rake

Hi all!!

I was going through the archives and found this thread. I first
read Neils Lovchal’s post:

      May I offer another solution which has worked very fine for
      me. Every now and then when my wife Betty is not around i
      would sneak a bunch of buffs into her washing machine and
      simply wash them at 95 degrees C with normal washing powder.
      When washed I take them out of the machine, let them drip
      over the sink for a quarter of an hour or so and then simply
      spin them on the buffing machine, holding a plastic bucket
      around it. It is not as messy as using a rake and it also
      helps you rescue those polishing buffs that some student have
      contaminated with coarser buffing media. It does not do any
      harm to the washing machine, but I know Betty would hate to
      see it :->

Niels Lovsch

Then I read about not washing buffs in the washing machine because of
losing metal down the drain. My wife remembered we had one of these:

You could wash the buffs in one these washers, pour out the water
into a bucket and allow the water to evaporate (or strain it
through a filter). Thus, having the best of both worlds, clean
buffs and not losing any metal.

Just a thought,