Budget Shows

Hi: Does anyone know of a place/web site/publication where I can find
listings of jewelry /arts and crafts shows in California with
organizer contact Or maybe some of can suggest a few
shows where a beginner on a shoe string budget can enter.


Zoya, I too am just entering the world of craft shows. I have found
The Crafts FAir Guide to be very helpful. It lists a great number of
shows, mostly all in CA, and these shows are rated and evaluated by
the crafts people that attended the previuos year.

Their info is:
The Crafts Fair Guide
P. O. Box 688
Corte Madera, CA 94976

Its $45 for a year subscription. They may be able to send you a
"sample" before you invest money, if not and your still interested I
could mail you an old issue. Good Luck!


There are 2 publications that I use, but they are not on the web.

  1. The Crafts fair guide. 415-924-3259 FAX: 800-871-2341 This is a
    quarterly publication that costs $16 for 1 issue or $45 for a year
    e-mail: leecfg@aol.com

  2. The Show Locator–also quarterly PH/FAX 408-531-1146 $17 FOR 1 ISSUE
    $46 for a year.

In general, I’ve found that craft shows (at least in N and Cent CA)
will allow imported jewelry even when they say they don’t. I am very
disgusted with the quality of the shows and more important, the
promoters. I’ve been doing street shows for 3 years and don’t plan
to do very many this year. Mainly due to the flood of imported, low
grade, jewelry that is on the market and only has to be “handmade” to
get through the screening process.

If you have a particular show in mind, I’ll look it up and send you
the review off list.

Someday, we’ll look back on this, laugh nervously and change the

Bob Allison
Handmade Jewelry