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Budget enameling supplies


I’m starting to get interested in enameling and I’d like to find some
supplies for not a lot of money. I have a kiln, but none of the gear
or glass powders etc. If anyone has anything laying around they no
longer need or want I’d appreciate a shout. Thanks, best of luck to
all of you.


Hi Armando,

One tip for you is to order a sample selection from Thompsons.
SAMP-B, it’s 10 colors for $7.15. You get about 2 tablespoons of
powder per color, and you can choose whatever colors you want. I did
that when I first got started; I ordered a few of the "SAMP-B"s so I
ended up with a really nice assortment of colors to start with. For
jewelry scale work it’s actually a decent amount of powder, and
certainly is a good way to determine of which colors you want to get
the larger quantities. There are other sample sets in their catalog,
too, like complete color sets for a particular type. I hope that’s
helpful to you. If you’ve already got the kiln, that’s the biggest
expense right there, but the other things can certainly add up.

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