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Bud Burs

Guy, thanks alot for your reply. I have diamond setting by
Wooding, along with some of his vidios. I watch and read them as
much as possible. My problem is that I do not get the reps in at
work that I need to feel conforable with what I am doing. Is there
anyone that you can think of that cast basic mounting in brass or
some other metel that is less expensive to practice on? Thanks
again, Greg

Greg You can cast molds models with sterling and practice on them.
You can also buy sterling 4 prongs settings they are not expensive.
The sterling models are good to practice the handling of burs but
you will not have the good strength feeling of white gold when you
will bend the prongs but it is a good start. For bead setting it is
better to start on sterling or even copper to feel the cut of the
gravers. On your first try you will do nothing if you work on 14
carats gold. Try again and again The best way is to have a lesson.

Good luck

Vincent Guy Audette
Quebec, Canada