Brush plating and respiratory gear

Hi everyone,

This is the first time I’ve posted, though I’ve been a member and
reading for a while. I’m looking for some advice about gold plating,
using some brush plating equipment I have - the solutions are
Potassium Cyanide based, and I’m somewhat nervous about using them
for obvious reasons, so was wondering what other people might be
using for ventilation purposes - I thought about using a respiratory
mask, my friend is prepared to lend me a tornado respirator mask
fitted with TF233 filters that he used to use for exposing
daguerreotypes - though he believes this is probably overkill for
what I’m doing (a few small objects initially), I would be doing the
process in a double-doored garage with the doors wide open anyway, so
perhaps this would be enough ventilation for what I’m doing?

Also, I’m not sure about disposal of spent product, as I understand
it, pouring down a domestic drain is a really, really bad idea!

I am based in the UK, by the way, so disposal methods may be
slightly different than in the US.

Many Thanks,