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Brown gold alloy?

I searched the archives and didn’t see anything so… Brown gold, I
am starting to see it in some of the trade magazines. Anyone have any
info on it? What the alloy mix would be?

Thank you,
Eric McCafferty


I had heard if this as well. One was flat wrong, involving palladium
and silver which makes white. The other, rumored to be an old roman
blend was with lead. Which is out of the question for a number of

I have a bit of on some old formulas. Beware some are so
old they do not reflect the “show stopper” risks of metals like lead
or cadmium. Play at your own risk.

Daniel Ballard

the book the Jewelers bench reference has all alloys of gold listed
on a very concise page. since I am not at the location where the
book is, perhaps you can just as easily locate it online at,, or It is out of print but
various institutions still sell it in their bookstores ( john C.
campbell folk School, Brasstown NC for instance). I have a few, and
will sell you one if all else fails. Otherwise not only is it an
essential volume to own, but the alloy you are loooking for is there
and from all the tests I have made on the formularymthe metal weights
are in correct proportions for the colour required. I will be back in
studio on March 4th if you haven’t located it yourself before then. I
use the damned thing weekly and can’t remember the name of the author
offhand…Mardi Gras is to blame I supose!