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Bronze wire, granules?

I don’t have any so can’t try it myself, but will bronze wire ball
up with a torch like silver or gold so that granules can be made
with it? Suspect it probably doesn’t work very well if at all, but
am hoping someone on the forum has tried every metal wire there is
and would know for sure.

Thanks and Happy Holidays to all :slight_smile: Carol in a rain-soaked New Orleans

Don’t know if it will be what you are looking for,but the gas welding
rod is bronze. and it does melt and ball/blob up into little
flattened balls when it hits a surface. You can get it in a number of
alloys and dia. from 1/16" up to 5/16" being the most common sizes
stocked in a good welding supply. The stuff is mostly a type of naval
bronze alloy,reading the imprint on the stuff I have in the shop.

been there, haven’t tried that yet!