Bronze casters

I am seeking a professional caster for bronze belt buckles ( 1 to
2mm thick, about 1oz. each). Am having problems with pits & porosity
with current caster. Any advice,referals or leads would be

Thanks, Pete

Hello Pete, I have a good relation with a bronze, brass aluminum
casting firm. They do sand casting or casting in coquille. Very
cheep. However the desired thickness of 2 mm is at the edge. 3-4 mm
would be better. Are you doing this by cost reasons? If you send me
a picture I can make an offer, how much it would cost here.

Greetings Martin Niemeijer

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The Netherlands
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I might be able to help if you are interested. I am in Northern
California. You can see some of the castings I do of my wife’s work
at I am a one man foundry so if I can’t do it
fast enough, I may be able to help you find another who can.

John Dach