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Broken drill bit removal: a different way

Hello All, I thought I would pass on a new way (at least to me) to
remove broken drill bits from a jewelry item. I was working on a ring
and drilling to do a setting when the @#%#@% drill bit broke. I was
looking all around the shop for some Alum to mix into a solution to
etch out the bit and knew it would take all night. Well my assistant
said why don’t you use sparex? It attacks steel very rapidly. So I
mixed up a beaker full of sparex and put the ring in it and placed it
in the ultrasonic . Well in about 45 min. there was not a trace of
the drill bit left.

So try this if you need to remove a drill bit next time. Be sure to
use fresh sparex solution unless you want to copper plate your work.
Also it works faster in the heated ultrasonic tank. Try it you’ll
like it.

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