Brittle gold- the scoop about alloys

Since there seems to be a fair interest in this subject, and I see
people know more, or less about it, I delved into my library, kick
started the old scanner and made a package of some passages from the
most concise and lucid book on the subject I’ve ever seen. It is
called Metallurgy and Plastics for Engineers, by Merle C. Nutt. Cop.
1976 LOC # 81-80435. It goes fairly deep, but many people would find
just the first page insightful, I think. For the benefit of our
collegue in England, I made sure to put in some from Corrosion, and
especially the part about “Dezincification of Brasses”. There is a
PDF file, a DOC file, and a TXT file - should be something for
everyone. The address is my Yahoo briefcase:

Any problems, let me know. I just thought it would explain a lot, in
a short space to some who can use it. As for my previous
comments—none of this reading is going to make you better at
soldering settings onto rings----