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Brightening cast gold alder cones

I think most of you jewelers have probably seen the little alder
cones that look like miniature pine cones for sale in certain areas.
I happen to have a customer that needs about a dozen of these a
month, and up until now I have always done them the old fashioned way
by bombing them with cyanide after casting to brighten the areas in
between the half millimeter gaps in the leaves of the cone. Since I’m
almost out of my stash of cyanide, and I’ve always wished for a
better way to finish them I thought this was as good a time as any to
troll for ideas that I haven’t tried yet.I have tried… prolonged
pickling, Rio Grande’s Bright Strip Mix, and electroplating without
comparable results.I’m wondering if a tumbler and some very fine
walnut shell charged with polishing compound would be able to get in
there and do the trick. Have any of you that have cast these ever
come up with a way to finish them thats safer and still works welli

Thanks Peeps.


I have cast them in silver and used a magnetic tumbler to finish.