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Brighten up silver model

Hello, I cast up silver models and make molds of them. I would like to
brighten up the silver models after they come out of the rubber molds.
The vulcanizing darkens the the silver up. I do not want to polish
them because another mold may have to be made in the future. Does
anyone have any ideas ? Is there a chemical that might help me other
than the pickler ? Thank You, George

Hello George,

Go for a “speed brite”,buddy? This kind of equipment does a real
good job and it’s worth having it. Straight forward and easy to use!

Regards Pedro

Hi All Try Rhodium plating this is what we do with ours. Regards
David Sheard

Hi All Try Rhodium plating this is what we do with ours. 

When suggesting rhodium plating of silver items, I would think the
additional comment that silver will contaminate the rhodium bath if
not base plated first would be appropriate. That is what I have read
in plating manuals. With the price of rhodium I am not taking any
chances of ruining my rhod. bath. If I’m wrong, I’m sure someone will let me know.

HI All We have used the same Rhodium plating tank for different
metals ( gold , silver, brass , copper and mixed melals) for years
with no cross contamination ,this could be due to the type of soltion
we use or that we clean , filter and keep the correct ph. If this
worries you .keep a small amount in a glass jar just to do your silver
.We all have our own way to do things, what works for one will not
work for others .All sugestions are given to help and offered as a
different way to look at things ,these are given freely. If you do not
like the sugestions you do not have to use them . Regards David Sheard