Brighten industrial studio classroom

Hello, We have a great studio classroom space, however it is a bit
cold and austere. Does anyone have any ideas how to brighten it up
and make it more arty. Thank you for any photos or ideas that you may
have. Michelle


In the past, a teacher at a new studio asked people on Orchid to
send postcards and posters. there was a nice response, as I recall.

Cynthia Eid

One of the things i enjoyed at our studio classroom was all of the
posters from conferences, art fairs, competitions and suppliers. We
were each so proud if our class piece was photographed and hung in
the shop. It was a combination of see what I can do and see what’s
going on in the outside world.

I’d be happy to send some extra posters from several conferences.

Judy Hoch

Hello Michelle,

If you have enough light, get some plants that flower. If the light
is limited, there are several house plants that will survive and even
grow, although probably not flower. There is something about living
plants that improve any space.

Judy in Kansas, where the western wind is trying to tear the trees

Talking about 45+ mph.

Gem posters from GIA would be terrific.


Get an aloe plant. They’re attractive, hardy, and you can break
little pieces off to treat your students’ burns. It’s hard to ask any
more from a plant than that.


They are also the top plant that I know of to remove pollutants from
a room…

late to this thread, but what if you invited a photography class to
take photos of people working, and macros of finished work, which
could be blown up and hung on the walls? Might be motivational,
definitely educational, and not too expensive.

Sam Kaffine
Sterling Bliss, llc