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Bright perfect finish

Hello All, I am working on a rather large silver piece (about 3’ X4")
that I want to have a smooth bright shiny finish. What is the best
way to achieve this? I’ve sanded with very fine emery paper, but it
isn’t enough. Thanks, Nancy Helmer

Hi Nancy,

I assume the surface of the piece you wish to have a smooth bright
shiny polish on is flat. You might try sanding the piece with well
worn wet 600 grit wet sandpaper. It may take a long time to do this
by hand. I use wet sandpaper on my expandable rubber wheel on my
rock polisher to sand the piece. The sanding process should remove
any scratches or high spots in the piece. After sanding, polish the
piece with tripoli. Continually move the piece against the polishing
wheel at different angles so that the tripoli will not start to wear
grooves in the metal. Clean the piece with soap and water to remove
any tripoli then polish with water soluble jewelers rouge on a buff
designed for a fine finish polish.

Lee Epperson