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Bright-cutting results


Dear all!

The attached photographs are what anyone can do with their new
graver. All of this work takes many years of practice. These tools
are more than a piece of steel, but they are a well-formed precision
instrument. meant to do one thing, only and that is to cut into Gold
or Platinum & make it shine!

Photo #0021 is called “Fish-Tail Setting” why is it called that? If
you see the outside edge of the design, it looks like a ‘fish’s
tail’. It started only as a simple piece of rectangular metal. All
of the ‘cutting & shaping’ was done by this author/setter!

Number #0025 is my epitome of Diamond Setting. The 5.25 carat
Emerald stone today would cost at least $15,250.00. It was a
Full-Bezel & laden with more Pave, Bright-Cutting to hold the
Emerald & 18kt chain. it had a deep Pavilion inclusion inside the
point. Three other setters refused to attempt or examine it! I only
used two Gravers, #1 & a #2 Onglette!!!

The last photograph of “#2 & #40” are the before and after shots of
gravers. This “Diamond Setting” profession requires nothing less
than…100% perfection.

As I wrote many times, out of 10…this delicate graver-cutting
process is a 25+/10. It isn’t easy, trust me, so many places to mess
up! Plus there are not ‘short-cuts’…Have fun, I do.:>)

Gerry Lewy