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Bright Cutting graver

Howdee folks!

For those who are about to receive my ‘set of 5 gravers’, they will
find in this set two gravers with a singular useage for cutting…you
will have no longer be of needing or using a Flat Graver, Why? Glad
you asked me and here is the reason. This graver is meant to cut only
one side and that is on the “right-side”, hence its correct name!

The sole purpose of bright-cutting a bezel inside edge, this
remarkable graver will enhance the finishing of the inside edge of
any Bezel, or Cabochon wall. If you were using the Flat graver #40 in
the past, you would have noticed many little facet cuts all around
the bezel wall. These are not at all acceptable, now with this
modified and shaped graver with a highly polished surface, you will
no longer have any of these rough & faceted walls to contend with.
All graver sets come with additional instruction essays.

My modified Onglette #2 graver angle allows only a “smooth
bright-cut”. If the graver is held in an upright or vertical
position, you can allow the Onglette tool and its “barrel-shape” cut
the metal at an angle that is acceptable. There is no need to cut any
additional angle further outward or away from the stone. In other
words, you will be totally rewarded in a setting process not seen
with such precision. This process has made setting a stone so much
more easy to cut…This is no over-night acquired skill, but
practicing this new graver will allow the setting job to take much
less time and with greater ease.

Now you have the right tool, for the right setting job…:>)…Gerry!