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Brian Clarke's studio

I just returned from a wonderful workshop at the studio of Brian
Clarke (an Orchid member) in Ireland. I had seen about
his workshops before but hadn’t paid much attention because of the
distance from Southern California. While I was there because of a
guest workshop he offered (Lori Talcott - Ancient techniques for
modern metalsmiths) I cannot wait to get back to take a workshop
directly with Brian. The studio is spectacular, the classes small,
the company is warm and friendly, the accommodations are terriffic and
Ireland is beautiful. Check out his website I am not related, have no
financial interest etc (usual disclaimers) I just had a wonderful
time, learned alot and can not wait to return. While Brian is a
silversmith you can work large or small and his knowledge is extensive

  • all the fabrication skills are directly related to jewelry making.
    I’d be happy to answer any questions off list should you have them.

Sheridan Reed