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Breast milk jewellery

I just read this article on CTV news out of Vancouver, BC about a
woman in Summerville, SC selling Breast Milk Jewellery.

Though I personally think this is weird, I do commend her on
something completely outside of the box.

Karen Bahr
Karen’s Artworx
BC, Canada

Ok, I’m pretty flexible- artsy-experiential, but. what e Ok it’s Just
a gimmick, Question 1:Did the artist had some" left over" milk and
decided it would make a good binder for the plaster or whatever. and
decide this will make a good etsy item? GROSS. Sorry but it’s too
"over- the- top": pick one kids hand print or other thing embedded in

Question 2) how does one get their milk to the artiste?

Question 3) Why would anyone go to the expense of sealing the milk
in an aseptically packaged glass vial inserted into a then
handcrafted silver holder. or something?

Question 4) Should an artisan really be willing to accept breast
milk from anywhere in the world (or in this case, perhaps, beyond)
and handle it? Are all the materials used disposable for each piece?
like disposable funnel, mixing apparatus, etc. I’m betting not
looking at the sharpie and really oddly shaped “child’s” (read: space
kid’s) hands in a pepto-bismol pink medallion- GROSS

Question 5) Does Etsy know about and allow this. Really Poor
Administration. and GROSS OVERSIGHT ! it’s not breast milk that
freaks me out it’s the details like getting how much from place to
place, handling it, not knowing if one’s milk is mixed independently
of other’s milk(s)…and then there’s the why that keeps popping up.
Seems like a bad idea. and wonder how many sales this artisan
has/will have if that’s an exemplary product?

Good points. For me it’s the extreme narcissism that gets me.