[Breaking News] Ganoksin landed on Titania

Breaking News!

The Ganoksin cyber-space vehicle landed on The Titania server on
April 7, 2005 08:07:17 -0500 (CDT). Our landing was soft and by the
book. Ganoksin’s current position in cyber-space is at

We were able to contact the happy explorers Captain Hanuman and
Lieutenant Ton through a clear, noise-free connection.

Captain Hanuman can you recap this successful landing in few words?

It was a bug free landing. During our one week trip, We carried
over some half a million files to Titania, I am happy to report
that Ganoksin is working now much faster!!

Titania is wonderful place for digital parties. Right now we
are standing on a 160 Gig Hard Disco! and looking for a
cyber bar to celebrate!

Lieutenant Ton, how does it feel to be so far from home?

“It is not as far as one may think. With this new speed and
feed home is just couple of nanoseconds away. But you know…
we are running on very tight fuel supply…”

Captain Hanuman, What do you feel about the Orchid ground control
back home?

I am proud and thankful to all our friends. After all, we are
here because they are there for us! I am sure that all Orchid
ground control members are fully aware of this dramatic landing
and the benefits it will bring to the community. This is the
time to show a real support!

Lieutenant Ton?

“Small step for Captain Hanuman and myself, a giant leap for
Ganoksin. Have a wonderful day!”

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