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Brass stamping


A friend of mine is looking to have some brass stamping made. She
intends to give them a drawing or computer file then have the
stampings made in brass. Any suggestions on where to go for this?

Thanks in advance!

Try Mel-Co-Ed in Pawtucket RI. They do fine stamping and blanking.

Try Sheltech. Dar is very good and also very reasonable. He is an
occasional contributer to Orchid.

Joel Schwalb

Contact Robert Hunter at Badges Of America … He handles die work
and stamping runs in Brass as well as a number of Other operations
including fusion Soldering and Machine Engraving. He can be contacted
at 401-270.1196 or Visit the website at

I didn’t catch the original post requesting stamping info/source but
I caught a reference to me , ‘The Sheltech Guy’ . Depending on what a
person needs, the pancake style blanking dies I provide can be a
much less expensive alternative to conventional tooling. Check out and/or give a ring at 505-256-7073
(afternoons in the U.S.).

Something wierd happened today: I dug out my old buffing motor and
fired up the beast. It’s been a few years… I’ve dived headlong
back into my obsession with curved-line , polyhedra-based wire
stars . What the heck are they?..

Stay tuned, Dar